Our poem

The Seagate



The Seagate’s on the scene once more; our smart hotel in Appledore.

The doors were closed, we had to wait, and wonder at the buildings fate;

Find other venues for a date.

This ancient inn along the Quay no longer looks the same to me.

The name’s the same, but that is all: designer paper on the wall!

New furniture , soft comfy chairs, bright fabric dyed with coloured squares.

Translucent lamps light up the rooms; fine orchids with exotic blooms,

A place to chat and drink and eat; for breakfast, lunch or special treat.

The rest’rant, elevated, bright, with scenes of old in black and white;

Of ships and streets, of people, places; local scenes and ancient faces.

A lantern hanging from the ceiling creates a warm and welcome feeling.

The fish is fresh, prepared with flair; the chefs and staff take extra care.

Not just your taste buds tantalised, the presentation feasts your eyes.

A twist on classic fare for you, with European dishes too.

Try puddings with a U.S. theme, or Irish coffee topped with cream.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, hung-over, bleary-eyed and yawning,

A coffee, pancakes, U.S. style, or Mary’s juice will make you smile.

And should the summer sun be shining, have breakfast while Al Fresco dining.

On forecourt tables, wooden, new, with seats for taking in the view.

Then when it’s time for natures call,

Find crayfish swimming on the wall, and recess lit with candles tall.

The mirrors, round, by rope suspended, complete a décor truly splendid

Not just a place to wash your mitts, you’d think that you were in the Ritz.

Ten en-suite rooms to rest your head, with linen crisp on sumptuous beds

The Seagate’s on the scene once more: join Jan and Phil in Appledore

By Celia Ann Merrill June 2013